Dream about Unexpected Pregnancy

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Dream about Unexpected Pregnancy

Post by anicole78 on Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:21 am

I dreamt that I had a baby. I didn't know that I was pregnant until I actually held her in my arms. I then took her to the baby's fathers house & I stayed there with him, his mom, & his stepfather. He never acknowledged the baby & he only had one discussion with me about how this happened. His mom took care of me & the baby. His family visited to see the baby. I was unprepared & didn't have anything for the baby. Then I was concerned with how my 3 year old would accept this new baby. (the whole time I was trying to figure out how I got pregnant without being intimate with this guy. In real life I have not dated him in years.) Towards the end of the dream the identity of the father changed (to someone that I dont know personally but an ex coworker). The last setting was me sitting indian style on a bed & 3 of my closest friends & the baby all on the bed with me looking at the father walking through a store with another woman & a small child. I yelled out to him to introduce the lady to me & the baby & he did reluctantly but he seemed to be proud of the baby.
I remember feeling disconnected from the baby & trying to accept the new birth.

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