Feeling Embarrassed

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Feeling Embarrassed

Post by sunshinelove on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:27 am

It seemed I was at some big church conference. I was in the back with others. I noticed two of my church members were pregnant and showing. My pastor asked one of the pregnant ladies what she wanted to do & she replied she think she want to teach kindergarden. I didn't say to much because I felt ashamed. I was pregnant too but not showing. I felt ashamed because I wasn't married.

I went around the room meeting different people. Then one of the leaders from the church told me to come with her. She wanted me to meet someone. She pointed to this handsome guy standing at the door at the other side of the room. When I looked at him I remember earlier he was bragging about some girl to his friends. So as we were walking towards him we passed by a big school cafeteria table with about 15 little kids who all had olive skin with red hair. They were all sleep at the table. Then there were another set of kids who were up. They also looked alike with olive skin but they had darker hair.

We met the guy at the door. He was standing around with his friends. The lady (one of the leaders from my church) was telling him about me to see if he was interested. I could tell he was not and I felt embarrassed. He said he was seeing someone but I knew he wasn't in a serious relationship. So one of his friends grabbed me by the hand, gave me a hug, and told me he was interested. We walked together inside a larger cafeteria area. It was filled with people eating. My church leader went and got us some breakfast from the kitchen area. When she came back the guy asked why she only had one plate. She sat the plate between us and we shared the breakfast together. We played games together on his phone or some small game device. I glanced at his notebook and I noticed the number 7 and prophet.

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