Carriage /Running

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Carriage /Running

Post by sunshinelove on Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:02 am

Right before this dream I was watching a Rabbi on television speaking about how our nation is straying away more and more from God. After the show I prayed to God about it and for my family then I took a short nap. (IRL)

I was on the computer looking for the Rabbi I saw on television. I couldn't remember his name. Then all of a sudden a bible was opened before my eyes. I was shown were people have strayed away from the things in God's Word. Then I saw a big table with lots of fruits and loafs of bread. I felt this was Communion. Next I sawa big carriage. In front of the carriage there were women dressed really nice (all alike) they were hold leashes with baby lambs on the end working alongside the carriage. Then they pulled the baby lambs up into the carriage. In the back of the carriage it was covered. There was an engaged couple. The to be groom seem to be a mayor or governor. They were riding throughout town announcing their enagagement. There were also two women riding in the carriage with the couple.
At this point I am one of the other women. Me and the other woman jump out the carriage running really fast. I am running faster than the other woman. At the same time I am dropping things. I remember dropping a hairpiece. The woman behind me is picking up the things I am dropping. She catches up with me and we stop.
Now we are in my childhood yard. I ask her are we going to make it. It seems like we were running in a contest but it was just us. Then she says something about being saved, baptized, and being baptized with the Holy Spirit. I told her I was saved and baptized but not with the Holy Spirit. Then I ask her if I could still go and she said she wasn't sure but we could try. So we walked up to the house and there is an old man giving out things. An old woman is already there as well. The man hands both me and the other woman with me a bible.
My bible is black and brown leather and I thought is was the the most precious thing. I open the bible and I see the word Jacobson stands out. Then I began to weep. (Everyone in the dream is dressed really nice and the setting seemed to be 1800s attire.)

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