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Post by Faitthangel on Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:46 am

I dreamed that I was driving to upstate new york to a christian retreat to help clean up, vacuum, board up windows etc.. (Which in reality my husband and I were invited this end of the month, so we can help clean up, vacuum, board up windows etc.. for next year Spring re-opening Lord willing) So a friend and I which in reality she's not my friend was driving with me. My husband call me on the phone and asked me where was I and I told him where I was heading and he said he thought I went to the spa, which is a gym i attend and I said no and told him where I was going, so the dream shifted and I was in a restaurant with my husband and he was sitting down in this restaurant there were other friends and when I walked behind him he was sitting down and I saw a bullet hole in the back of his neck, I started freaking out and picked up his left hand and raised it up high with mine to worship the Lord. Can someone PLEASE (HELP me interpret this dream???)[b]

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