Seeing into the spiritual realm

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Seeing into the spiritual realm

Post by Sirianta on Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:11 am

Hey guys!! Well let me start by saying that since I was a little girl I've seen things and sensed stuff etc. I've had quite a few "night terror" experiences where demons would try to attack, but lately it's going much better.

About 3 weeks ago I asked God to please open my spiritual eyes, because I want to see clearly into the spiritual realm, specialy cause throughout my life I've experienced the spiritual realm but mostly while I'm asleep. I would really like to have the spirit of discernment.

Then Saturday night I prayed to God for protection, pleading the blood over the house, the yard, my children, hubby and myself. I woke up during the night and sensed something in the room. It wasn't the usual evil presence I feel when demonic attacks are about to happen, but I was scared. I felt a very heavy feeling (like I was very heavy as well), difficult to explain and when I looked to my right side there was a white translucent something right next to me. Not in human form, but just a white transluscent form about the hight of a human. And then it was gone. It was as iff I was in the spiritual realm for a moment and came back into our realm when it all stopped.

I've heard of people saying that when they saw an angel that they were scared. Could this have been an angel or demonic? Seeing that I've pleaded the blood of Jesus I would have been save from any demonic presence, right? But if it was an angel why did I feel scared?

Love in Christ
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Re: Seeing into the spiritual realm

Post by hind'sfeet on Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:12 am

I think that's interesting. When angels are helping people when they are in human form, they don't scare people. But when they presented themselves to people in the Bible, the people were always terrified.
Which probably answers that question. Angels shine God's glory which scares people. God says that we would not be able to live if God showed Himself. Moses had to hide behind a rock so that God could show Moses his behind. So, when angels shine, revealing some of God's glory, it scares people. Maybe it scares us because it shines a light on the sins in ourselves and that is really what scares us? Sin cannot live in the presence of God.
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