Boyfriend's Dream

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Boyfriend's Dream

Post by Jaral_Nefertiti on Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:25 am

My boyfriend on my birthday told me of a dream he had that night. He said that we were both on a bus together. When our stop arrived I got off the bus but as he bent down to pick up the stuff we had, the bus suddenly closed its doors and started moving again. He said he tried to get the driver to stop and that was when he realized that there was no driver. The bus let him off in front of his apartment and that's when he said he started to run down the street screaming my name and trying to find me. I know its strange but when I first met him he spoke of driving in a car and falling in a ten foot ditch that was starting to fill in on him. I am not sure what they fully mean but they both do not sound good for him and it slightly worries me a bit.

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