Invited to dig through my neighbor's trash.

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Invited to dig through my neighbor's trash.

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:29 am

Good Morning, All -

This dream was pretty short and sweet: I was over at my neighbors' house to meet with them about watching their home while they left for vacation. We stood in the kitchen and, apparently at their invitation, I dug through their trash container to look for something about them. I didn't find anything, but I only dug through the top half of the container which was mostly "new" or "clean" garbage - papers that were never used and such. I felt that the "dirty" garbage was near the bottom, but I didn't keep going.

In real life, I actually am going to meet with them in a few hours from now to go over watching their home while they go on vacation. I don't always talk to them, but I've known them for 15 years and they're good people. And (not to get too personal) one is the brother of my old Pastor's wife...who lives across the street from them. I guess I might as well add that I once had a long-term relationship with their niece (the Pastor's daughter). TMI? Maybe! :)

Thanks in advance for thoughts,

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