A cluster of dreams about my husband!

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A cluster of dreams about my husband!

Post by Angelwings on Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:46 am

I've had a few dreams about my husband that I can't figure out, although they may seem obvious...I know how he is irl life and therefore I dont understand these dreams.

Dream #1
I'm not sure what I was doing...maybe just out and about running errands. At one point I was at my house. My sister in law was there and she was sick and wanted me to drive her somewhere. I walked out of my house to my car where she was waiting. When I opened my car door I heard my husband screaming like a mad maniac inside the house. I turned to look toward the house and the front door opened and my children came out of the house with their heads down looking upset. Not sure if he kicked them out or what...but I was MAD!!! I put the kids in the car and stomped back in the house and tore into my husband. I told him I was not going to stand for that type of behavior and told him it was over!!

Dream #2
It was my husband and I with the kids. Not sure where we were going but we were in what seemed to be an SUV..we dont own one irl. But it was early morning...sun wasn't up yet. He seemed to know where we were going and began driving. Got to a point and he parked. I realized a train pass by us...and when I looked I realized we were parked on the track right next to it. I looked down the track to see if another train was coming down the track we were parked on and it was pitch black. He started driving up the track a little more and parked again. This time I saw lights of a train coming toward us. I was mad at him. Asked him what he was thinking parking us on a train track. thats it! ??? scratching chin

Dream #3
I was in bed sleeping when I hear the phone ring. I didn't bother to answer it, the answering machine picked it up...we dont have an answering irl. I heard a foreign woman on the other line. I dont remember what she said but what I got from it was that they were meeting in the morning....something they had been doing for sometime. So I was so mad and got up to see where he was....he was getting ready. Told him about the phone call and expressed how disappointed I was that he was seeing this lady everymorning behind my back. I couldn't believe he would do such a thing to me.

OK...what in the world? For real!!! what is God trying to tell me. I seem to be mad and giving him a piece of my mind. lol! thats all I got

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