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Freedom for Asia!

Post by Shan on Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:49 pm

I had a dream about a year ago that I was imprisoned somewhere in Asia for my Christian beliefs. I was a missionary there (in my dream, not irl.) It was a mandate from a dictator that all those in the region who were Christians be imprisoned. I first was in a mud hut/prison cell with other believers who were new believers. A guard stepped inside and was holding a cup of poison. He said to us,"Anyone who wants to commit suicide now can do so by drinking from this cup. If you choose not to, you will be assigned to a labor camp in which you will die within two months." Two young girls (somehow I knew they were about 19) chose to drink the poison. They died immediately and fell on their backs. Rigormortis set in immediately. There was no condemnation from the Lord. He understood that they were "babes in Christ." I reasoned to myself that I could handle anything for two months and I felt a responsibility to remain with them. Guards would come from time to time and stick their heads in and check on us. There were curtains instead of doors. Some of us started trying to kill the guards by chopping their heads off (somehow there was a sword present) and we were doing this to protect the young children who were imprisoned because we wanted to preserve this generation and we felt no condemnation for this. I then became aware that we were being moved up in the line to be "processed" into the labor camp. Once one group was processed, their prison cell would become available and the next group would move up. One guard poked his head in and we were ready to attack him, but he motioned for us to stop and indicated that he was also a Christian. What he was actually doing was planning to move us to the back huts, thus moving us away from being processed. At that point we were aware that there were several guards who were "for us." I then found myself in a cell by myself. It was daylight and I was enjoying the warmth of the sun. I began praising God in my prayer language. It was the most beautiful melody I had ever heard and I am no singer! All of a sudden I heard thousands of voices singing exactly the same thing! I ran to my window and looked out. There, about 500 yards away, were thousands of Asians singing in one accord. They were waiting to be processed to be placed in the prisons. The amazing thing was that these people (mostly men) were from all across Asia and did not speak the same language .At this point I threw my head back and flung my arms wide open in praise. I had a love for these people like I never have had before. They were my kindred brethren! Also, when I looked out, it was dark outside for them, but was daylight in my cell. The guards became frantic and lost all sense of control. They knew we were united by something Bigger than themselves and they were afraid. At that point, the dictator stated that we all be released because he was afraid too. However, the natives of his country were to be released first. I knew it could be months before I was released, being blonde and American. Next, I was waiting to cross the border into friendly territory or into freedom. There were two checkpoints we had to pass and we had to have two forms of id. Many were crossing into freedom although it was a poor country. I paid particular attention to an Asian lady, walking the opposite way into the dictatorship and I thought she was odd because she had her hair bleached blonde and seemed to have no concern about being in that country. I sensed that she was loyal to them and had some sort of favor with the people in charge. At that time a guard asked to take my picture for my id. and I allowed him to. He then motioned for me to cover my head with my hood and I knew he was trying to get me to hide my hair. He also put his fist to my eye as if he was going to hit me, but he tapped me gently. he handed me my id and it was then that I noticed what he had done. He had switched my id with the blonde Asian girl, whose original id had her hair as being dark. He put his fist to my eye to give me a black eye (it was the left eye) so my eyes would look slanted (it was also dark outside so it would be hard to see details) and because of this I, along with many Asian Christians entered into freedom.

I awoke from this dream and could do nothing but weep. I felt as if my knees would buckle. I wept because the love I experienced in my dream was still with me and I was overwhelmed. I had another dream about being in China as a missionary that I did not have an interpretation for until it unfolded before my eyes almost exactly as I dreamed it. I was just hoping for any insight into this dream.

God bless,

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