Help Greatly Appreciated In Jesus' Name

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Help Greatly Appreciated In Jesus' Name

Post by Clacy55555 on Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:42 pm

This is the dream I had last evening I would greatly appreciate the help and I know that God will give the interpretation as we seek His guidance:
I had a dream that I was getting ready to go on a trip and a deceased aunt-in-law was in the dream and she had already packed and I was getting ready to go to New York in a car with her. It seemed that I had taken a while to decide and at the last minute decided that I would go so was just picking up everything of clothing and stuffing them in tote bags to get ready to go with her.
The thing that seemed to stand out in the dream is that she was going to New York and that I had to make a decision. I have never been to New Yotk and do not really find any interest in going there in the natural and that I know of she had never been there in the natural either but that was very noticeable in the dream.
It was also very noticeable that she had been deceased and and I would like to know what it means in symbols when a deceased person speaks with someone in a dream.
Again, all assistance is greatly appreciated and all glory goes to God!

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