a home and desert

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a home and desert

Post by blessess on Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:04 pm

ok so if someone can help me intrepret this dream that would be great. I am my house and this man I wanted to mentor me appearred in my house I ask him why he was in my house and he did not respond. I asked him three times and then a white man appeared it was like he was his asst and I ask him why thy were in my house and he did not answer. then the dream changed and I was in the foyer of my home and there were people in there, some older women and then I was back into my house and this white lady said like maybe age 40 asked me to pray for her and I said yes and then a man came and said he wanted prayer and I said ok and then he went outside and came back with all these people and they brought desert. Everyone just started eating desert and this one senior lady was cutting cake for everyone but when he got my turn she did not cut for me. after that I went to cut my own cake and they said there were no more plate so when I found a paper plate, I was saying in my head when I finish I will call my hubby, well by time I got to cut my cake he was calling me and when he called I was telling him of all the desert we had at the house and how I was gonna get him some and then I woke up.
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