Man with axe tried to attack my knee at night in camp site.

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Man with axe tried to attack my knee at night in camp site.

Post by Macleod on Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:28 am

Dreamt I had been in a big new car with my 13yr old son. I didn't see him but felt his presence. He was driving. We left a church function and went a very short distance to a camp site. We found a spot to put up our small tent but I felt we had to hurry, it was getting late and I knew there was something dangerous we had to be wary of. We went to set our tent up between another tent and a caravan but I didn't want to go to close to the other tent as I could hear the people in the tent talking and I wanted privacy. Our tent was a pop up tent however, by going close to the caravan, it meant there would not be enough space for the tent wires so I was trying different ways to position the tent so it would fit.

I was now sleeping out in the open (not in the tent). It was night time but the sky wasn't black, it was dark blue and it was hazy/misty outdoors. Someone was on my right (my son?). I opened my eyes and saw a hooded man with a large bladed Hatchet axe. I KNEW he was coming and I just lay there. He raised his axe and started hitting the axe into the ground on either side of my bent knee which was sticking out the covers. I just watched him as he hit down hard into the ground above my bent knee then below, then above, then below. I felt that maybe Matthew ran away, then this hooded man ran off. I shouted after him, "don't kill Matthew" (my son). He stopped and started hitting down hard into something laying on the ground. Panic didn't hit me as I felt/hoped Matthew must have run away because I heard no screaming, saw no blood and it looked as though he was hitting his axe into what looked as though it could perhaps be a folded up piece of camping/out door equipment?

This dream has me a little concerned.

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