Stalking Woman Chasing Me (Spirtual Warfare Warriors Please Help)

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Stalking Woman Chasing Me (Spirtual Warfare Warriors Please Help)

Post by God is Love on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:09 pm

In the dream, there is this stalker lady chasing me and my husband. She is after him and wants him bad. She is relentless. She will not give up. It's like she is insane. However, I am always with him. As the dream progresses, I realize that this is a witch or spirit. I remember referring to her as a witch. My husband and I go to different houses. Everytime we do she has morphed into someone else to trick us.

At the last round, I hug him and tell him we must go into hiding. He says okay. We are then in the car in a new city. There are two lady tour guides in the car with us. I fear one of them is the stalking lady so I spray lemon juice in her eyes. It is not her. What a relief....Suddenly, I go to leave the car. My husband is still there. The tour guide has disappeared. I say myself. Realizing we were once again tricked by the stalking lady.

I look around thinking she must have morphed into an object in the car, because I don't see her. Then I say to myself "We must find another way. This is not working."

I did some research today on the spirit of Jezebel. I think that is who the lady in the dream represents. I am confused about 3 elements in the dream 1) the morphing and 2)why is this lady so relentless.....she refused to give up (this was a very long dream 3) My final words at the end. What do I mean, we must find another way. What is God telling me?

Oh yeah...My husband is scared in the dream but passive. He does not fight like I am.

God is Love
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