in a hotel, physical defects

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in a hotel, physical defects

Post by unfailing_love on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:06 pm

i was in a hotel and a few christian musicians i had met before came to say hi to me but they all had physical defects. one of them had a really long arm that stretched when we shook hands and i was a bit scared and taken aback. another guy had a swollen stomach and another had a cancer like disease. another one was turning into a baby. somehow as if i knew i was in a dream i felt the burden and instant need of trying to go a computer to look up the symbolism for this but i couldnt get the interpretation for different reasons.
then the scene changed and i was in my bed and i felt God turning me over and he started to comfort me, massaging my back and feet and speaking to me ( i cant remember what he said but he was comforting me). then i got up from my bed and there was a gold spider on my wall so i called my mum to kill it and she swallowed it instead which i found strange. then i knocked over 2 clay pots on my table, one of significance to my life and the other not so much. without thinking about it i threw them both away.
in another scene i was in a community swimming pool and had three layers of bikini bottoms so i took off the two top layers. i was just looking and thinking of diving in the water when two small girls came up to me and one of them said she had seen me diving and that i did it very well which was strange because i hadn't dived yet.

i know this is very long and God has already given me a lot of revelation but some parts i'm still in the dark about! thank you GB x

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