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Highway to Holiness

Post by godildy on Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:18 pm

This man comes to take me for a ride and somehow I knew that he is going to show me something that is "to come"
I am on the passenger side seat. My husband is in the back seat.
I look out the front windshield and see the clouds begin to form a roll; I knew something was fixing to
I could see this "HUGE" cloud roll forming(almost took on the form of a scroll but wasn't). I closed my eyes tight and began to pray :"Lord, forgive me
of my sins, wash my heart white as snow come into my heart to dwell"
As I was praying I could hear people running and it almost seemed chaotic. I felt fear and trembling.
All of the sudden there was a stillness and a quiet.
I opened my eyes and looked. Before me was a highway; brand new paved highway as far as I could see.
Stretched along/over it was a cloud that was like a curtain of pure liquid white clouds and some places
it seemed like it hung lower than other areas and almost touched the road;
I woke up and could still feel fear and trembling; (I knew I had a visitation from the Lord)I heard very clearly upon waking "This IS to come"

***Please Note: This is the dream that I am referring to in the dream titled "Explosion!"***

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