I'm drug dealer

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I'm drug dealer

Post by njackson1979 on Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:37 pm

I had a dream that I was dealing cocaine an had $100,000.00 in cash in my house. I knew the cops would soon raid my home so I went outside to bird the cocaine . It was at night AND I started digging in my backyard WHICH had the freshest soil that was already soft. I buried the trash bag which was white colored, too close to te top of soil and decided that I needed to bury the bag somewhere in the middle to avoid the possibility of the cops digging and finding the bag right away and I wanted to not bury the bag so deep because I wanted to have immediate access to the bag when I needed it. As I was digging, I came to a concrete grave with a coffin in it. The grave was so big that the coffin couldn't fill it up. There were two heads that were supposed to be on top of the coffin. The heads were replicas of my landlord mother (who I believe has passed away). There was a stone head on the floor to the left of coffin and the real head of the body was toward the right of the coffin. It was stuffed and preserved like a deer heads you see hanging on the wall. There were three girls with me that I knew from middle school and we all sat around the grave amazed that it was there. I also remember my neighbor acting very weird once we knew it was a coffin.. Speaking jibberish and his backyard had a bunch of crops. There were also two undercover police officers watching me.

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