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Madeleine McCann

Post by Grey Butterfly on Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:29 pm

I had Madeleine McCann heavy on my heart about 3 or 4 months ago and I prayed before I went to sleep one night for God to tell me/show me where she was. It was a prayer I had struggled with praying cos' I don't cope well with what I thought I might see. It took me a week of bargaining with God before I would pray it :o)

So, that night, I wrote her name on the top of a piece of paper and asked for useable information on where she is. I said that I needed an address or co-ordinates or something cos' I've never left Australia, there is no point in showing me the place, cos' I won't recognise it and that will help no-one.

So, with my instructions to God said and a bit of a fearful heart, I went to sleep.

I woke up three times that night. Each time I wrote down what was in my head:


300 North? (I put the question mark when I first wrote it in the night because although I heard north, I didn't understand it... it wasn't till the next day that I knew it was a part of co-ordinates)


Lots of storms lately (noisy thunder) [I did not hear the thunder, it was like someone was telling me there have been a lot of storms lately - I sensed a fear in them and a wanting to stay inside - like a lot of people who don't like storms]
My (IRL) right ear is sore... very sore (the thought occurs that this might have something to do with Maddy. I think "well if she has an ear infection, she is alive" and then the pain goes and I go back to sleep)


300 zero zone
degrees zero

I wrote to the McCanns through their official website. I haven't heard back from them, probably because I sounded like a fruitcake and it doesn't seem credible. I didn't know how to recieve co-ordinates when I went to sleep... I should probably have learned that, because when I tried to put the information above into a "find this place" type of website tool... I realised that it was not really clear, and it is missing the East or West component.

It has only now occurred to me to put this in here for prayer and for you guys to be asking God too... I know one thing for sure, God knows where this little girl is. I asked him this question for that reason... I figure that if you want to know, ask the one who knows. I feel for her parents so much.

Anyway, thanks, Diane
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