Revitalizing and transformation

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Revitalizing and transformation

Post by seekingface09 on Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:09 am

Last night I had a series of dreams. I do believe that they were all related. I dreamed that I was at my old country neighborhood. I am from the country-for real deep south. Anyway, my mother needed to walk a trail for her health in my neighbors yard. I was trying to get my mother to walk. Dream switches and I walk into the dining area of my neighbors house, I guess, I see my Pastor and former bishop (very well known) sitting at the dining room table with others. My Pastor and Bishop are sitting beside one another and the Bishop calls my name. (In the natural there has been a four and half year separation between the two) He knew my name and he spoke to me. I begin to feel a little shame because I had on tube socks. I had been outside. Dream switches to me seeing Bishop's daughter and the pastors daughter fellowshipping. They tried to hide the identity of the daughter but in my spirit I knew who she was. I mouthed it to my Pastor's daughter and she said yes. At the end of the dream I hear the words God is revitalizing and transformation.

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