Re-post! Pregnant but unmarried and not in a relationship

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Re-post! Pregnant but unmarried and not in a relationship

Post by JoJo on Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:38 pm

Hi everyone!

I had I dream that I saw myself pregnant. I could not see my face clearly but I knew it was me based on my hairstyle. I was viewing my profile. I was wearing a black pregnancy top. I had light blue jeans on. Around my waist above my belly, there was a royal blue belt or ribbon. Although I did not actually have the baby in this dream, I felt in my spirit, this baby was a boy even though I was kind of hoping for a girl. My dream ended.

I have no idea what this dream means. This dream was the last dream of a sequence of six dreams that I had the same morning a few months ago. I would love some insight from some of my blessed friends on this sight. I have been seeking God about my dream and the others that precluded this one. If you need to know the other dreams that came before this one in order to interpret this dream, I would be happy to send you the dreams privately. God is a revealer of secrets and mysteries. He gives wisdom to the unlearned and foolish....God be praised!

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