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Post by sword&scepter on Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:30 am

My last dream of the night involved me being a block party in my hometown and doing some sort of work at the event. I was with my youngest son (11) and othe people ( I believe some to be family members) we were waking many city blocks on a nice summer day. I think we were spreading the word about something ( some sort of community activism) when we ended up at a house where there was food and people gathered as well as the mild street celebration. I looked from the porch and saw some sort of sorority in line doing some strange looking type of yoga or something, they were bowing and kneeling and putting open hands of worship in the air. They were wearing long white dresses with small blue print some had a large blue single letter... I wasn't afraid but wasn't sure who they were or what they were doing. They were to my left and to my right was a tan 1970's van with a crayon drawing of a scary looking creature.., it was owned by an organization of lady volunteers who were an advocacy group for missing & kidnapped children.. They even had a callin tip line..

I looked to my son who was now about 3 years old and who's skin was very beautiful as well as his hair. (He looked just like me at that age)

I asked him " Where is your sister?" he said in an innocent voice " She's gone now...she's in food bag" My heart sank and I looked around hoping she was with other family and I wondered again how could she get outta my sight also she's 3 years younger than him (8) so she would've been a newborn if not in her mothers womb at the very least..

Either way I was still upset and I put his face in my hands cause I wanted to smack him but I had compassion and just didn't and began to try calling out to Jesus.

Here's the trippier part.... It was hard for me to get His name outta my mouth and I was breathing as if I was being delivered ( Not sure but it seemed as though something was coming out of me) yet I could see the large scary hand of the creature on the tan van's hand around my throat as I slept but was kinda outside of my body looking at this... Then I woke up sad and worn out, I had to warfare from my back until I had enough strength to climb outta bed and pray on my knees and battle in the spirit... I was still a little shook up though.

Can anyone please help me interpret this..Please?????

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