Magnetic Stick and eyes

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Magnetic Stick and eyes

Post by Cindy777 on Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:48 pm

Good day redeemed ones of Christ

I would like an interpretation to this very strange dream.
Two Ladies ( i recognised the one lady from my church) in a white bakkie were giving out cane sticks which had sharp points, with magnetic power, at the bottom. these sticks resemble those you use for banners or flags.
All of us who received these sticks started to point them to the ground to clean the ground from harmful metalic objects like needles and other metal objects.
The funny part is that when I look whilst pointing the stick my eyes will also pick up these objects and then I have to pull them from my eyes. Strange that these objects were not hurting my eyes coz my eyelides will close and the object will just stick on the lid as and I would then take the object off and put it in place. At one instance a needle came on and I just took it off and packed in in a needle box. It was almost spontaneous that I knew what to do but the fact that the objects would come onto my eyelids was uncomfortable and I was trying to pick the objects with the stick without looking but this was impossible.

God Bless you all!
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