Mom tells me to step on (and get bitten by) a snake!

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Mom tells me to step on (and get bitten by) a snake!

Post by perchancetodream on Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:42 pm

Im in my greatgrandfather's front yard with my mom and a few college aged guys that I don't know. There was a small grayish cloud slowly floating towards us, and we needed protection from it. My mom sensed our panic, and told us that snake venom would protect us from the cloud thing ...there was a tiny (smaller than my size 5 foot!) snake in the grass im front of us so one by one we stepped on it with our right foot and let it bite us. I remember hesitating at first and feeling a bit shocked when it bot me, but it didn't really hurt and it never scared me.
Later in the dream I was jogging and remember being bothered that I was limping, but knowing it was better than having that cloud thing get me, or whatever..
.I also noticed another snake bite pin the middle of my shin.
...I don't remember the color of the snake.

Any ideas what this could mean? I know my mom was symbolic of something else besides my mom....and no clue with the stepping on snakes thing.

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