Tree full of black and yellow butterflies.

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Tree full of black and yellow butterflies.

Post by shany on Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:24 pm

I was walking along the side of my house and for some reason i took a stick and poked around on the ground. Hundreds of black ants and another bug could have been some sort of beetle came out of ground. The ants were bigger than usual. Then i went in the back of the yard and saw a tree full of black and yellow butterflies on the leaves. It was a beautiful sight. I went to get a camera but they left. I couldn't get a shot. Then they came back and flew of again. I noticed in the tree was this big dark shadow creature looking thing. It looked like it had fur. It was huge. I was like omg i hope this demon thing don't come after me. When it jumped out the tree it was one of the pastors in our church. I was like relieved to see it was him. But he had on like 3 layers of clothing. He had on a jeans pants i could have seen his church pants another pants. I found it strange he was wearing so much clothing.

Can anybody give me any idea what this means especially the tree full of butterflies, pls :)

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