Natural Disaster Prophecies MANIFESTED (a pattern?)

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Natural Disaster Prophecies MANIFESTED (a pattern?)

Post by perchancetodream on Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:39 pm

Over the years, God has given me two prophetic dreams about major natural disasters-- the 2004 Christmas Indonesian Tsunami and the Japan Tsunami back in May.

I had this dream on December 11, 2004:
I was in a crowded, HUGE outdoor pool. All the people didn't speak my language. I am watching my father (looking a bit younger than usual...early 30s!) witness to this lady outside of the pool. Suddenly, everyone looks completely scared. I wake up just as this jumbo wave crashes on us all.
*Two weeks later, 25 December, 2004, the Indonesian Tsunami. Yikes :(

This dream I had back in February:
I'm in a helicopter, looking down at a devastated land. I'm watching my father (once again, early 30s) praying and crying for the people there. I keep on thinking, "This is worse the Hiroshima and Nagasaki".
*Then we have the Japan Tsunami a few months later. :'(

So in both of the dreams, there is a pattern. Well, by pattern, I mean a younger version of my dad is there, praying, witnessing, interceeding. As I've read on this cite, many times, your father in your dream represents your Heavenly Father...which would make sense here.
He is with us in the storms, disasters, etc., like he was with the Indonesians and Japanese in the tsunamis.

So I wanna ask...does anyone else have recognizable "patterns" in their prophetic dreams, that almost always stamps it as prophetic?

Thanks! :D

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