one fish missing, heart problems missing prize money

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one fish missing, heart problems missing prize money

Post by gordie1 on Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:04 am

I have just woken up after an unusual dream appeared to be in 3 parts. Firstly I was in my house with my brother and sister who were having a major argument and then they became intimate which was very weird and it was all dark and there was someone trying to get into my window in my house my sister and i freaked out and ran to the other room and she told me it was a ferret. Next I met a friend and we went for a walk his name is Chris and we worked together in the same team, I was a volunteer and did not get a job I wanted there we passed a very old derelict house all boarded up and covered in weeds and moss, I told him I had been sexually abused in that house and he was sympathetic and asked if I wanted to talk about it,I refused saying the house was all shut up now. He told me that my previous boss had died of a heart condition called A-Fib (?a lie) and a website had been set up in her memory to help other victims including other people at work in the team. Next I went to see a cardiologist who specialised in the condition and he said that he had it as well and had recovered and told me to look on the website. As I left the room he died suddenly and I left his room and I told a nurse what had happened and I told her that I had left my crutches in his room. Next part of the dream I was in London with my church leader myself and 7 men and a character from Coronation Street, a soap opera called Kirk (a scottish word for church) and we were all on a mission to collect 100 fish to get a prize money of 10,000 we all burst through a posh restuarant and broke through the glass and we all went swimming in this river trying to catch the fish, when we counted them there was one missing and everyone was angry but we agreed we were going to try the next night. An announcement was made about the prize money my church leader said he was going to divide 5000 between himself and another leader in the church because they were leaders and the rest he was going to share with the others this caused a lot of argument. Then this woman who was mentally ill started cooking all this fish that we had collected and made a huge feast but the pastor said to enjoy it and we would collect again tomorrow for the prize money. Next I went shopping to a huge department store and I picked up a tin mirror that screamed every time you looked in it. I liked it and the shop assistant said there were 4 for a pound. So I bought them,next my brother told me he was going to a seminar on pancreatic cancer that was being taught by my mother. Can anyone shed any light on this it has all caused me concern.

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