Scattered papers

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Scattered papers

Post by tjw on Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:29 am

I dreamed last night this fuzzy dream and want to know what it means. Some background first: applied for a loan recently which was approved. I have the paperwork where I signed the papers in my purse IRL. I did pray for God's direction in this matter and that if it was not a good idea for the loan that it would not be approved.

Now the dream, (only remember bits and pieces):
One part where I was carrying the paperwork and the wind blew the papers out of my hands and into the river water. I went to get the papers out of the water trying to be careful not to fall in. I was able to recover most of the papers but a few I did not get back.
Second part of dream (I am a healthcare worker IRL). My patient was in bed, he was old and sick. I was encouraging him to read the bible as it would make him feel better. He kind of smirked like he did not believe me and I assured him that if he got a bible in a version he could understand like the "Living" bible instead of the "King James" version he could read it and it would help him.

This is all I can remember so far...
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