Three Dreams on 8/26/11

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Three Dreams on 8/26/11

Post by ellycat316 on Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:03 pm

1st Dream
I was pushing a stroller with a baby. We were going to the front of Raleigh Rehab so we could take the elevator up.

2nd Dream
Karl (my husband) & I were watching a preacher on TV.

3rd Dream
I approached a beautiful see-through glass dr. and I could see Mary Budnick lying on a blanket on the floor, (Mary is a resident at Ral. Rehab. that has Dementia). I knocked at the door, and she got up (Sandy, a friend, was with me). Mary had the papers I was to sign for a job making $17.00 an hr.( I think it was for a part-time job).

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