Lady Traffic Cops

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Lady Traffic Cops

Post by Cindy777 on Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:34 am

I had a strange dream where I was stopped by a young traffic cop for my seat that was slightly tilted. I refused to take the traffic fine asking her against which law is that transgression and when was that law promulgated. She could not answer me and went to get her supervisor who is a bit more matured than her and insisted that I transgressed but could not tell me what law did I transgress. After much arguments I told her to give the fine but I will not pay it and that she should prepare herself for a court hearing. When I said this she went back to this road- like lodge and I could hear her talking to some men inside and I could sense that her feedback to them made them not know what next to do. She never came back and after hours of waiting for her to give me the fine, I left with no fine. it was almost as if she was ashamed to come out and face me.
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