3 of us preparing to travel, waiting at bus station

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3 of us preparing to travel, waiting at bus station

Post by Macleod on Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:39 am

First dream there was a building to our left (bus terminal I think) buses were departing to our right and people were walking. Some leaving by foot and others by coach. We seemed to be leaving one place to travel to another. We needed travel documents and photos. There were three of us, a woman behind me who I did not see and a woman in front asking all the questions and seeing what we needed to do. I had a camera and was going to take our photos but was worried as it wasn't an instamatic camera, we would have to wait for the photos but was reassured by a woman in the queue that there was enough time. It felt like I was in a different country?

Next dream I'm at another big station (bus or train not sure which but think train). There was a bench on the left that went the full length of the platform or waiting area. A lot of people were sitting on the bench waiting, I saw a woman ( knew her from previous dream she was the one who stood behind me) so went and sat with her to wait for the bus/train(?) and noticed that the woman who was in front of me in previous dream, was standing (in front of me again) with all her suitcases.

I have no current plans on travelling anywhere so am wondering if this is about my life. Photos, travel documents, waiting at a bus station.

idea Oh my, as I typed travel documents, I've just realised, my passport is about to expire in 6 months....perhaps I need to get this updated now....maybe I am to prepare now for travel? Get ready and wait? I suppose that could be for actual travel or for coming changes in my life?

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