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Waiting to checkout...

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:26 pm

Hello, all -

The dream begins with a quick moment at work where I'm advising my cousin (who is also my boss in real life) to purchase a hair dryer for himself so that he won't have to use the "community" one.
I'm not standing near the front of a line in a store. There are people everywhere, like during those Day After Thanksgiving sales. I'm waiting to checkout, yet I have nothing to buy. In my mind, I have to pick up my developed pictures from the photo department. Standing next to me in line is my cousin, and I ask him what he's doing here. In a "you should know" kind of way, he tells me that he's buying a hair dryer like I told him he should.
The dream ends with me thinking, again, that I need to pick up those pictures...but, I don't want to lose my place in line. I then think to myself that perhaps I can checkout in the photo department itself.

I've got a few thoughts floating around, but I'd enjoy hearing what anyone else has to say.


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