Jack-o-Lantern and Halloween

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Jack-o-Lantern and Halloween

Post by Satah Smith on Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:39 am

This dream I had has really been bothering me. It was so real feeling, I had a number of feelings in this dream, I was a invisible watchman in the first part of it. I was watching this 4 foot tall demon with a jack-o-lantern head on running around and spooking and killing people. I can remember there was a girl with blond hair who was being followed by it, eventually it had caught up with her and put a pumpkin head on her and chased her up over a picnic table and through a back yard where there where children in Halloween costumes and chasing each other in a circle around the yard. It was as if I was watching with a birds eye view from about as high up as the telephone wires. I saw the girl take the pumpkin head off and smash it on the ground. The pumpkin was painted red,black and white and on the inside of it was mold. She then ran into the backdoor of the house which resembled my children grandmothers backyard but the shed and pool was missing. At this point in the dream I was like a bug on the wall behind her watching her in her room crying and washing her face off because I could sense how repulsive the mold was that was on the inside of the pumpkin. Then there was a knock on the bedroom door and she opened, It was her father, he said one of her friends came and left something there for her. She held out her right hand and he gave her a piece of the pumpkin that was smashed, it had mold on the rind. She screamed! and I remember feeling afraid for her!! Then again like in most of my dreams, The sequence of the dream changed and I was laying in my bed and my boyfriend was with me, but we were laying with our heads at the end of the bed with the window to my left. I remember we were scared because the same demon was outside the window camping out and waiting. So we put a knitted blanket over our heads, there were all bright colors in the blanket, bright pink, orange,yellow and red, and greens and blues! I could see the demon outside even though I wasnt looking out the window at the time. It was in a all dark dirt yard with a fence around it. It was pacing back and forth and waiting for us to make a move. I finally somehow knew to start praying in the Spirit! Then I started to NOTICE my boyfriend was afraid and said." No No No dont do that!"..because when I did I could see that it was agitating it and it would jump up and start growling and running back and forth along the back door and window. At this point I noticed that it was camping out and waiting,sitting on the edge of a fire that had been put out smoking a cigarette! I jumped up and said HEY!! I started banging on the window to get its attention. Then I opened the window and told it I wasnt afraid of it! It came running to the window just as I shut it almost all the way, about 4 inches were still opened. It put its face up to the crack of the window and said to me.."When the window opens Iam gonna get you!".

This one has been on my mind because I feel like its a warning of some sort? Please Help!! God Bless
Satah Smith
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