Storm & Wind rising on Sea Shore

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Storm & Wind rising on Sea Shore

Post by Satah Smith on Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:59 am

In my dream this is what happened, I was driving on a narrow road heading North. To my left was a neighborhood and to my right there was a sandy sea shore with people on it enjoying the day. On both sides of the road there were short grass lines, lined up and down them were female deer and dogs giving birth and cleaning their young. As driving I noticed a great wind from the east beginning to come in and bring with it dark rolling clouds. There was a woman who I saw from the beach look up in confusion. Then the dream shifted and I was driving in a city that was dark and it was raining,drizzling very softly. My children were with and so was their grandmother, she kept asking me to drop them of in a bus shelter, and I could picture them shivering from the cold before it even happened, s I said "No I'am bringing you home with me"!

I have many more that I believe that have a prophetic meaning, but I'am new at this and kind of frightened to be steered the wrong way with it!! Please help so I can understand. Thank You and God Bless
Satah Smith
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