4 dreams, same theme

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4 dreams, same theme

Post by shan.ruddy1 on Tue Aug 30, 2011 1:22 pm

I have had 4 dreams over the last month or two with a recurring theme. In my life God has been speaking to me about getting back to creativity and beginning to do simple things that he is leading me to do. I hope it is okay to post a few at a time if I feel that they somehow all connect? That may not seem so to you all reading it but I'm new here so please forgive me if I do something the wrong way!

The first dream is that I am in a library. I know that I am looking for a certain book. I can see all of the books labeled with the dewey decimal system on the spine of the books. The number I am looking for is 418.1. I finally find it and I see that the book's title begins with "A Beginner's ...." and there is a drawn picture of a man holding something.

The second dream is that I am laying in bed with my husband and little boy, Elijah. It is daytime outside - early evening, I guess. We are just laying there talking and playing with Eli. Then, all of a sudden, my husband and I look at my stomach at the same time and realize that I am VERY pregnant! Like showing A LOT and I can feel and we can see the baby moving. It's great - but the funny thing is we had no clue until that point! All of a sudden, we realize I'm huge pregnant and I feel the little life inside of me. We were very happy in the dream, even our son is excited and he is only two years old (very nearly).

The third dream is that I am lying on our bed. It seems to be night time. The clock beside my bed says 4:45. I know it is getting late and that it is closer to time. Closer to time for what?? I don't know.

The fourth dream is that I am in a strange house. It is daytime. I am baking cookies in the kitchen. The sun is shining outside and I can see the yard and hills all around. I am singing a song to Jesus it is one or two phrases over and over, just worshipping (this has happened before in my dreams, and I can never remember the words when I wake up but it is beautiful and strong and just pure worship). The family who the house belongs to is obviously home, but I didn't realize it until I was singing and baking and their teenage son sneers at me, but I just don't take it to heart, don't get bothered or anything, smile kindly at him and keep singing.

The next part of the dream, it is night time and I am sleeping up on a bunk with some children that are my family (not real children that I know but in the dream they are my family) and I begin to look around - in the house and outside the house and there are tons of people - the family and others - and I realize to my horror that they are vampires. But me and the kids are protected on teh bunk up high because a SUPER strong light is shining down on us. It is the only place we are protected. I feel the need to get the children out of the house (not sure why since we are protected in that spot), but I know they may be in danger if they leave. But I wait for a chance, tell them to run out the back yard towards the hills where I can see a light over the hills/horizon. I tell them to run like crazy and stay to deal with the vampires and stay in the light for safety. I believe the kids run safely away and then I wake up.

I feel God is talking to me about something coming in my life, and I know a few specifics that I think He is saying, however I would like to hear from others who are seeking to hear Him and also, I'm not quite sure about the dream from last night with the vampires, but I am going to pray through that one tonight.

Thank you so much!

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