wolf and then a dog

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wolf and then a dog

Post by musicalstars2001 on Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:51 pm

so these are 2 separate dreams.

the 1st: i was doing, what looked like work, (tossing something back and forth), and a little girl was next to me on my left. i'm not sure if she was my daughter or not. she looked almost 2 years old. i saw myself saying something to her and then all of a sudden, kind of like a movie effect, i saw a wolf some ways behind me. the me outside the dream saw it, not the me in the dream. the me on the outside was scared and was wondering if we could out run it or have time to run away.

the 2nd: this one happened a few days after the above. i'm getting out of the left side of the vehicle, on the passenger side, and it was my car. as i was getting out, a black dog had his mouth around my right foot. the me watching the dream, cut his head with a sword. after i cut his head, i saw my foot. my foot and everything was still in tact. although the dog's mouth was still around it....

any ideas?

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