Sister is dead, her bones are broken - cat is resurrected, not one broken bone??

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Sister is dead, her bones are broken - cat is resurrected, not one broken bone??

Post by Macleod on Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:05 am

I dreamt I was outside with my family. My brother and sister were about. Didn't see my sister and only saw my brother briefly. The next thing I'm told my sister is dead. She had jumped off a roof (?) the way she and my brother used to play when they were younger (not IRL) ALL her bones had been broken. I didn't feel upset and went inside. My cat was hanging by it's paws off the back of the door. As I touched her, she fell to the floor in a heap. I took her, lay her down, I was so upset she was dead. As I started stroking her, she started breathing, she was alive and not one of her bones were broken. I saw myself holding her as we were about to take her to the vet.

My sister and brothers are not Christians. They don't feel as though they are sinners. They are good people and to them that is what is important. I've been quietly witnessing, they've noticed how much I absolutely LOVE our GOD but they don't believe in the relationship we can have with our father and they don't fully realise just how almighty he is. According to them, Noah's ark and the red sea didn't happen, it couldn't possibly have happened. How? Bless them!! :kissyface: I've been praying about them non stop. I've been dreaming of them in restaurants, in swimming pools, sitting with me at a table listening to me?? Are these dreams encouraging me to share the news of Jesus? That God's hand is in this? :glory:

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