Pulling a snake from my leg!

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Pulling a snake from my leg!

Post by chatia on Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:46 am

We were sitting which seemed to be a church setting.. My husband was next to me and I could hear him praying. I was feeling a little strange. I was feeling something move in my leg. I reached down to feel my leg (calf), something was sticking out so I thought I would pull it to see if I could get it out. I kept pulling and pulling and finally got it out. I was scared to death thinking that came from my leg. I dropped it to the floor and left out a shout, put my feet up on the pew.. The people behind me were yelling there was a snake. I also remember the snake wanted to re-enter my body but when I put my legs up on the pew it slithered away.
Im not sure if this part is a different dream or if it is part of the same.. I don't know where we were here but it was as though I had a snake chasing me, it never caught me but it was very persistent.
Hoping someone can shed a little light on this!

In His Love Renee

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