second night of dreaming about rings with diamonds...etc

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second night of dreaming about rings with diamonds...etc

Post by globalhealth4 on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:37 am

Wow. Okay, this is the second dream that i have had about rings....real esquisite diamonds and rubys and gems and sapphires. All in rings though. Some gold, platinium and silver.

The first night I was in my old neighborhood where I grew up watching my grandmother rent out the house across the street from the actual home she owns. The renters through out a bag of rings that I picked up and began to pick through. I didn't keep everything because I was in a hurry seemed like because I didnt want to get in trouble by my Grandmother. So anything that looked like it was acient like the Queen of England would wear...which was the real thing I put it back. I picked the the rings that were shiny and big. I woke up right after that.

Then lastnight, I dreamt that I was working for some man selling cars. I told him I wasnt a good seller(my and my spouse are going into a new business as car brokers) and he told me you never know, just go. I went on and sold a car for $8,500 and I was the only one who did. I took the money back to this office building only to begin running for safety with my sister from a man with a AK47 shooting at everyone. I know what guns mean in my dreams(confindment to hospital/jail) So, me and my sister run across the street in a cathedral/dome made out of gold and bronze to hide. We ended up in this room and we found a bag of diamond rings. Specifically platinium diamonds rings and blue sapphire diamond rings. We knew that our grandmother was coming to take them so we tried to hide them in our bras, panties, internal cavities and trashbags to bypass her and the security guards. We only got 2 or 3 of them out but then i awoke.

any insight about this ring dream is more than welcomed!

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