The horseman

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The horseman

Post by Sabrina on Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:11 am

I was in a place that looked like something out of a dr Seuss book. I was with these weird looking pink furry creatures with tv antennas on top of their heads. I loved them very much and they were very sweet love able creatures. Someone started going around slaying them. I went around looking for what or who was killing them. I found a man riding what I can best describe as a horse but really wasn't a horse the man wasn't wearing a helmet but wore bright shiny silver colored body armor. I can't remember if the rider had a weapon in his hand but his hand would pass over the animals heads they would just drop dead. I yelled at the horseman to stop killing them they don't know what's going on that they didn't know why they were dying. The horseman said they are animals. I pleaded with him more. He said I can't stop my orders come from God. Maybe if you talk to God he will listen to you. I had so many emotions I didn't know where to start and I said to him I don't know where to start and began to cry at this point we were holding each by the arm and had began to raise up in the air and I was dangling by my arm in mid air. He said to me I'll tell you what to say. I made sure I thought about what he was saying before I spoke it. As he spoke his voice had so much power to it and I realized that everything he was saying was my every thought and feeling. Like he knew me. As I prayed I felt as if he threw me up in the air and I was propelled toward the sky by the horseman and it was just me and God. God did not speak But I knew He was listening. I said "God please stop some of them haven't had a chance to find out about you. It's not fair to them. So many are still lost!!! Please stop. I know I said more but can't remember it all. Then in the dream I woke up I was back with the weird pink creatures and they were caring for me. I was unable to speak and was drooling. This dream deeply affected me and I started crying the minute I woke up I felt so helpless.
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