Whats the meaning of Black owls and swans chasing?

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Whats the meaning of Black owls and swans chasing?

Post by globalhealth4 on Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:45 am

This is a repost of a dream...I have heard many things about it. I have read in the bible about owls and the colors.

So, if you have a interperate it great, but if you have more scriptures then please forward them over.

Myself, my Mother and my Grandmother were starring at this black owl as he looked down on us from a tree. He was looking from side to side at us and I starred at him with intense curiosity. Then he flapped his wings as he began to take off..chasing us and when we looked back to see were he was...the owl....he changed into a long necked swan..still black though.

I then awoke.

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