Being Shot/Scuba Diving

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Being Shot/Scuba Diving

Post by bcmj223 on Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:24 am

On Sunday,Aug. 14th & Monday Aug. 15th, I had two dreams that have stuck with me, so I've decided to begin my dream journaling with them to see if the Lord is speaking to me through them. On the 14th, I dreamed I was on a quiet neighborhood street and it was dark outside. As I stood on the right side of the street looking up the street, I saw a man come from the left side of the road and walk straight across the street and as he was walking, he slowly pulled up his right arm aiming a gun in front of him and pulling back the top of the gun as to cock the gun as he was walking. The man had long hair and small rounded/tinted glasses on. As I saw what he was doing, I looked down at the street in front of me in hopes that if I didn't look at him, he wouldn't consider me a threat and he would leave me alone. When I looked back up, the man was walking toward me with the gun down to his side, like he was going to walk past me on my left. But as he got close to me, although he kept walking past me, he drew the gun as he passed and shot me three times while walking passed me. The one shot struck me in the neck. I remember there was no blood and I was only concerned about the shot that struck my neck. There was a large hole in my neck and I remember sticking my finger in the hole in hopes of keeping it from bleeding. The other two shots either didn't hit me or the injuries weren't in severe in nature.
On the 15th... I had a dream that my husband and I walked past a place where we had been scuba diving before and were going to go again in the same place. Although we had been diving there before, as we looked at the same place, it did not look familiar to us at all. When we went to get our dive gear at the dive shop, they only gave us the tank of air with the BCD vest that we put on. They did not give us a Mask or Fins, which we thought was unusual, because of course we didn't know how we would be able to dive without those two items needed.
(I believe I've had a revelation of the second dream as it pertains to a personal situation in my life, but the first dream has me intrigued. They both may pertain to the same situation, however, I can't seem to get anything about the first dream)

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