Broken Bicycle Dream

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Broken Bicycle Dream

Post by tankat on Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:04 pm

My dream started off with me and a man on a two seat bicycle. I was riding in front, the man behind. Then the bicycle broke in two completely separate rideable bicycles. But the bike I was riding had a large wheel in front and small wheel on the back, and the man's bike had a small wheel at the front and large wheel at the back...maybe so they could fit back together? Although each bike was rideable, my bike would not move. The man rode his bike past me, although I don't think he rode away...or out of the dream, but it seemed he was going in a different direction than me...or it was just that I had stopped and veered off the path. I know the feeling in the dream was "why is he able to move on and I am stuck?" But I don't think he really moved on, but more like he was just to move...but not actually going anywhere. I got off the bike to find out what the problem was and saw the chain of the bike was jammed. I saw the sprocket/gear thing where the chain was to go on, but the chain was jammed between the sprocket/gear thing and the bar that attached the bike frame to the wheel. I know I tried to free the chain, but I can't remember if I actually did...or if I woke up before I could.

I recognized the man in the dream as a man I have been dreaming about for months. The man first started appearing in my dreams after (Mike) and I separated. Some of the dreams I have of this man are premonition dreams, where the events unfold, and are indeed related to (Mike). But then in some of the dreams I get the distinct feeling/impression, and sometimes myself actually saying in the dream that it isn't (Mike).

I keep a dream journal because I often have premonition dreams and visions, and recognize these dreams and visions as the events of the dream or vision unfold in my life...but I really think this dream is a message dream. I have some thoughts as to what it might mean, but am curious of a more professional opinion than my own.

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