A royal mansion

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A royal mansion

Post by MrsLena on Fri Aug 26, 2011 4:31 pm

Hello everyone

This is a recurring dream theme regarding my family for the last few months, my sister has had several, and I have as well, involving my father in royal robes, us in a huge mansion but me being careful of all those running around us, my family traveling to a foreign destination and my father in a celebrity scene with cameras and a red carpet.
My sister had this dream last night.

In the dream, my sister and parents were in a big mansion house and my parents were glamorously dressed up, either they were the owners of the house or the event was being held for them. My uncle and wife, who have been envious of my dad in the past was also in attendance. My parents wanted to go to the event at the back of the house but my sister didnt want them to be disturbed by paparazzi, so she took them to the secret back door(well more like a secret entrance in a fridge-LOL, she asked some close friends to accompany them and make sure they are not disturbed & she would join later). My sister didn't want anyone to see the secret door, but a cousin (envious uncle's daughter, who is the closest to us out of her siblings) saw it from upstairs, so my sister was not happy, she went upstairs to tell her that it is imperative she keep it a secret, she asked "why should she?". My sister warned her and said "Dont try my patience, if word leaks, I will not be a happy person & will use force to ensure my parents' security".

Not much other details can be remembered but the mansion was like how the interior of a royal family house looks like(gold, expensive antiques, etc). The party at the back yard was booming and a big celebration.

I've my interpretation, as it falls in line with all the other dreams, but would really like someone else's take on it.

God bless you all

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