Taking a shower in grandmothers bedroom

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Taking a shower in grandmothers bedroom

Post by Sabrina on Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:34 pm

Dream: I was taking a shower in my grandmothers bedroom in her old house and there's were piles of stuff shoes and cloths and I was afraid everything was going to get wet. I had a small shower curtain on a metal rack I kept moving around to try to keep the cloths and stuff dry while I was washing myself. There was a drain for the water under my feet. Next dream: I was in a bathroom and I was looking at this strange looking pregnancy test it was light purple in color see through but frosted plastic. It was badly made and you couldn't see the control or test lines very well and it was like two pregnancy tests in one. I took it apart so I could see the lines better and both sides of the pregnancy test said positive. what So there were four lines two control lines and two positive test lines all together???
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