Reoccuring themes: Friends, houses and cats?

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Reoccuring themes: Friends, houses and cats?

Post by Genevieve on Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:21 am

I had this dream about 3 weeks ago and have had several dreams since with similar imagery and themes. I think I'm missing something. Any thoughts please?

I dreamt my sister and I swam through disgustingly filthy water to get to her house. It was like we swam through a sewars. Her house was there but it was also the way that people swam to get to a night club called Burn. I was shocked. How could she swim through that everyday and not get sick? She didn't have to live like that and how could these people swim through that to go to Burn. It wasn't worth it to me.

We got to her house. Her house mates werenít there. It was a funny looking house with rooms leading to other rooms like add-ons rather than by a specific plan. It all seemed underground until she showed me one room which had a massive, massive window. It was really beautiful and looked out of place but from then on there was natural light in the house. Two of my closest Christian friends were suddenly there. They lived in a different part of the house which was above ground. I was relieved to see them but also shocked that they lived there and also swam through that filth everyday.

They showed me more and lead me to a beautiful, ancient courtyard that looked like it belonged in Europe. It was quiet, almost eerie. I realised we were outside and that there was another house on the property. Gareth said "Yes, that is the main house. The people in the house are very wealthy and we don't really mix much with them." I said "Well they must have a route and not have to swim!" Gareth said "Yes there is a driveway and we use it." I knew they wouldn't swim in that sewer.

I walk to see the driveway and it's a road but it is covered in snow so I canít see it. There is a cute kitten that looks like my cat irl and I want to pick it up but my husband warns me not to. It's the only time in the dream he is there.

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