Dead Step Dad..

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Dead Step Dad..

Post by Faitthangel on Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:38 pm

I had a dream about my dead step dad earlier today..
Here's the dream:
I was in my childhood old house in my childhood old bedroom and my step dad was on a sofa, (I was an adult in the dream) and my mom next to my dead step dad and he was coughing and didnt look good and I really felt so bad for him and had compassion for him so I grab his left hand and knelt down in front of him to let him know I have compassion and that I forgive him and/or forgive me, but than I got scared and said to myself what am I doing here and woke up because I realized while I was dreaming that my step dad was dead and why am I having this dream of my step dad. Does anyone has any suggestion? Going back to my mom she was just sitting there observing and the television was on in the room while all this was happening..


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