Dream of escaping from the army and talking with many people

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Dream of escaping from the army and talking with many people

Post by unknownunforgettable on Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:06 am

God bless you and your work if you are reading this. I have long had dreams and visions I couldn't quite explain. And as my relationship with Christ grows, I start to understand... that I have so much more to learn and try to understand.

In my dream, I had joined the Army but it was set up more like prison. (I was in the Air Force for over 13 years so I'm familiar with basic training requirements) This Army bootcamp had prisoners who were there to keep us in line and make sure we did as we were told. Eventually, me and 3 other people I have never met or seen before in real life decided to escape. We convinced our convict guide, who was a young woman, to help us by navigating our escape. She too was eager to escape since she was one of the prisoners and not actually a trainee. She cried to me about how she hated it there but she was scared to attempt leaving.

As we got to the edge of the base, we saw the barbed wire fence and cars driving past so we realized we would have to wait until nightfall to escape unnoticed. By this time the lady that's our guide has simply vanished from the dream (she didn't change her mind she was just not in the dream anymore) She was suddenly replaced by a female I know in real life who noticed enough room under the fence since she and the others were unable to jump a barbed wire fence, but I could, because I spent my youth jumping them. (I did in fact learn to jump barbed wire fences as a kid in real life because we lived across the street from an old army base and would jump the fence frequently)

We were noticed by a Sgt who asked what we were doing by the edge of the base in a restricted area and we lied to him and said we were preparing to run the long distance from the edge of the base back to our camp. He didn't believe us at first but after questioning all of us and our story being the same he relented. Shortly after he made us assist him with moving some materials and wrote each of us a note to our drill instructor excusing us for returning to camp late.

By this time it's nightfall and we have our bags and are about to make our escape. When suddenly a woman I've seen on my old Air Force base approaches me and asks me how she can convince a young girl in her family to remain a virgin. We talk briefly and I notice the wedding ring on her finger so I keep the conversation short since her husband was likely an enforcer at the army camp.

our group of 4 is now down to 3 with the one person in the group I thought was as adamant about escaping as I was... but the 3 of us head out. On the way there is this giant dog who follows us to the edge but as soon as I try to leave the gate it attacks me. In the dream I could actually feel it's teeth in my hands while I try to pull it's jaws apart. Eventually I put my foot on the roof of the dogs mouth and pull with my hands and rip the dogs head completely open. I even looked down and noticed the bite marks embedded in my hands before leaving the gate.

Once on the outside I separate from the other 2 and begin walking by myself. I walk through various back yards where people are watching TV on their patios, I see strangers playing and interacting with one another and an ambulance outside someone's residence. The scene is exactly what you could see in any urban community late at night. I eventually come upon another large dog but before anything bad happens, I call out for someone to get their dog and the owner takes control of the dog. A bystander asks if I was scared of the big dog but I ignored him and kept walking. After a short time I realize I don't know what city I am in, but I am wandering on. I was going to use my cell phone to call someone in real life I hadn't talked to in months, while I was headed into a gas station to get something to eat... then I woke up.

I apologize for this being so lengthy but normally I don't have dreams that are this detailed or that last this long. And thankfully, when I do have a dream that seems to mean something I will usually have a sense of what it means upon awaking. But I am completely lost. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Dream of escaping from the army and talking with many people

Post by hind'sfeet on Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:40 am

I don't know, maybe it's something that will happen. Maybe you escape a FEMA camp.
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