My daughter drowns, my hubby accidentaly kills two people

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My daughter drowns, my hubby accidentaly kills two people

Post by Sirianta on Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:33 am

Hey guys, this weekend I had such desturbing dreams! On Friday I dreamt that we were on a ship and I went to the bathroom to fix my make-up (something I would never do irl) and when I came out on the deck the ship was busy sinking!!! I was looking for my daughter (4 years old) who was standing by the rails and I saw her, but inside the water, only her little face sticking out. I could see the panick on her face and this was soooooooooooooo bad to see. The next moment she went under water!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew there was no way I could safe her. I am crying again just thinking of this dream!!!!!!!!!! This was one of the most upsetting dreams I've EVER had! IRL life the next day she started having chest problems (breathing). She started getting a bit sick and it is all in her chest. Sometimes struggeling to breath properly. So, I don't know if this was a warning dream about her getting sick>

Then on Saterday night I dreamt that me and my hubby were driving in a white car. My hubby was driving and I thought that he is actually going a bit to fast. He had been drinking beer. We neared a stop street / sign and there was 3 road workers (2 men and 1 lady) busy painting the stop sign on the rode in white. The stop sign was a bit faded, so they painted it again. I saw that he wasn't going to stop in time and he drove over one of the men and the lady worker. This was a very bad feeling. I saw the dead man laying on the road with his eyes looking at me. I thought that maybe my husband will say we must say I was driving, because I was sober. Althought he didn't suggest this. Then me and my hubby was at our house (not our house irl) and I knew the police was going to look for my hubby and he was going to go to jail. The police arrived and asked for me instead of my hubby!! The didn't have hand cuffs but a vest they had to put on you. Then I heard on the radio that we were on the news and they wanted to interview me. Strange dreams scratching chin
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