Copperhead buried in sand

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Copperhead buried in sand

Post by spoken4 on Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:43 pm

I was in a home. It seemed I had just moved in there or had not been there very long? Someone told me that the the local school was average but did not have much to offer...very basic?? I was then told about a really high quality school that was not the local school. Yet, they recommended for me to send him to that one . I was going back and forth with the decision, trying to weigh the benefits of sending him there,
This person kept checking back and encouraging me to make a decision about which school to enroll my youngest son in. I knew it was about that time that I needed to go ahead and get him enrolled and could not wait much longer before deciding. I had been waiting to decide to find out how long the bus ride would be. If it was an outrageous amount of time to be stuck on that bus every day that would make me lean towards enrolling him in the average school. When I talked to the school I found out that because it was out of their district, they did not even offer buses to those outside of it. I could not believe they did not offer transportation for their program for gifted children? This is I think why the person had told me it would be better for him to go to this school instead of the average because he was gifted??

Second dream that same night...

I was somewhere outside with my client/ friend LaTosha. In the natural she is also best friends with my old boss, a woman named Crystal. In the dream, I thought of the area we were in being what used to belong to Crystal?? LaTosha was searching for something that she could take a picture of? To post somewhere? She was looking for an area that was just right so that the scene adequately portrayed what she wanted others to be able to see, as she saw? Its hard to explain...But I just had the thought a picture is worth a thousand words.

It was an area like a beach covered in sand but I did not see the ocean . LaTosha was beside a small white picket fence/ gate. It was quaint looking. It was almost right but there was not adequate lighting to make the picture come across the right way that would cause others to be able to see what she wanted to say through the picture. I saw her frustration. It was like she only could express what she was trying to say in picture form and nothing around her could really say it where others would get it?

I took her by the hand, and told her to let me help show her another way. I began drawing a rectangle in the sand to form a perimeter for her picture. I pointed to an area beside us where I knew my sister crystal (my younger sisters name is crystal) had been able to do the same thing I was about to show her how to do. I showed her how to make a deep boundary line in the sand. It would form a blank canvas after the area was given clear boundaries so it would be set apart from the rest of the plain sand. I showed her how to smooth out the top layer to give it a clean smooth backdrop for her to write out what she was trying to portray so that it would be clear and beautiful.
I was busy working trying to help her get the boundary line around the sand canvas established. But at this point I was kind of doing it without much thought involved....(like when you drive somewhere you have been a bunch you can do it without much thought?) It took me a minute to realize that my finger had went deep enough into the sand that it had hit a wooden frame of some sort. Just the frame (like a picture frame buried in the sand??) Framework in place from the past I did not know about? I realized not only had I hit the remnants of a past frame buried. Buried with it was a copperhead snake. It was like I recognized it by feel more that seeing it after my hand came into contact with it?? I started to scream..."Ughhhh....I just touched a snake head! I almost could not believe it was actually a snake buried under that frame with its head now exposed. I looked closer to be sure and to see if it was dead or still alive. It moved its head just a bit and its eyes moved so I knew it was alive. I grabbed it by the head and pulled it out. I was holding its mouth as tight as I could because I knew one false move and it will bite me. It was wiggling and trying to get loose. I had the thought I hope this think can't push its fangs through the bottom of its mouth and get at me that way. My husband showed up. I knew he could kill it. It was a struggle for me to give it to him. I was on the ground and he was standing above me. The only way for me to give it to him from the position I was in, was to let go of trying to keep its mouth closed for the last moment before he could take it out of my hands to kill it. When I did, I thought, he has to take it and take it fast now or its going to turn and strike at me. But He took it before that could happen.

Any suggestions???

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