Nuclear Reactor Explodes

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Nuclear Reactor Explodes

Post by Sabrina on Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:06 pm

Dream: I was in a living room of a upscale house almost reminded me of one of the old rooms in the white house. Wouldn't know though never seen it in real life. I was trying to find the light switch to turn on the lights and I thought I found the switch turned it on but I accidently turned something off instead. I heard a man's voice say "Quick you have turn that back on you just shut down the Nuclear Reactor." The first thought in my mind was without the cooling system on it would overheat and it would explode. It turns out the Nuclear plant was next to the building I was in but hidden so no one knew it was there. As soon as I had the thought about the reactor exploding I turned the switch on as fast I could. But it was too late it had already started to over heat in that short time and sirens began to go off alarming everyone to get far away before the reactor exploded killing everyone in so far of the explosion and poisoning everyone else around that the explosion didn't kill. I tried running but knew I wouldn't make it. But as I ran from the living room into another room I was suddenly in a mud house and there was a women holding a baby singing it a lullaby. I looked out the window of the mud hut I could hear the sirens and people screaming and the chaos and to see the fires spreading in the plant. But the women continued singing to her baby unaware of what was going on it seemed worlds away. I could tell she was from a middle Eastern country she almost look native american but what was very eerie she looked like a younger, skinnier version of myself with very long black hair and her skin was tanner. I tried to warn her but she couldn't hear me and I decided to run as fast as I could to try to escape the radioactive blast. I ran out the mud hut to the outside chaos. Then I woke up.
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