Flying Dream

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Flying Dream

Post by MystiKat on Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:45 pm

It was daylight but I was sleeping in late. I was flying like I was swimming, moving my arms and legs, able to fly upward and downward easily and enjoyably. There were other people below me who couldn't fly but were wishing they could. I recognized one
of them as a writer at and thought the others with her were also Helium writers. They all were amazed and wished they could fly too. I wanted to show them how to fly but I didn't know how I did it myself. It seemed to be a matter of intense will and determination to fly. :hooray: I felt so good I didn't want to stop flying but knew it was time to wake up. I flew so easily and rolled around in the air like a kid. When I awoke I was thinking that I could discover a way to fly by inventing anti-magnetism and become wealthy. :kissyface:

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